Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So, Which Is It?

Driving home from work a day after Obama's inauguration, I was listening to a local conservative radio talk show host rant. (Conservative talk show hosts have three basic speeds: roil, ramp up, and rant.)

Obama supporters, he (it was in fact a he, and his name is Jay Severin, WTTK-FM, Boston) said, are infatuated beyond sense, by their man. "Obamatons, Obotics," blinded, besotted by Obama. Irrational. In this nation, he dramatically intoned, we do not profess fealty to an individual, but rather, to an institution, democracy.

Heady stuff.
Almost enough to make me pause in popping my ritual two pieces of "drive-home gum" in my mouth. And almost enough to make me cough them right back up.

Over the last eight years, many on the right complained that those on the left did not feel quite enough fealty to a certain individual, that in fact, their blind "Bush hating" was, well, irrational.

I guess fealty really is all in the eye of the besotted.