Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Classy Justice

The Donald has ruled.

Because he owns the Miss USA Beauty Pageant, Donald Trump got to give the last word on whether or not recent runner-up--Miss California, Carrie Prejean--could retain that title. Not only had nude photos of Prejean surfaced (a violation of contest rules), she also had caught criticism for her anti-gay marriage stance in response to a questions at the competition itself.

"It's the same answer the President of the United States gave," said Trump, in defending Prejean.
Did I miss Obama in Atlantic City?

I think Obama may be missing a very outside-the-box pick for the Supreme Court, though.
Justice Trump.
I can see it now......

"I've switched to this dark royal blue robe with my own personal monogram, from my own clothing line.
It's much classier, don't you think?"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just Another Julio Come Lately

Julio Lugo is to the Red Sox what Arlen Specter is to the Democrats.
He is not homegrown (Lugo came up with Tampa Bay, then played for the Dodgers), has spent considerable time on the DL, and is highly suspect in clutch situations.

Do you love having him on your team? Ask James Carville or Howard Dean.
Or Anita Hill, for that matter. (About Specter, not Lugo.)

Ask me about Lugo.