Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Moved By American Spirit* (* The Cigarette)

I don't smoke cigarettes. (Although I do keep a pack in my glove compartment that sits and gets stale there for months at a time; sometimes gum in bumper to bumper traffic just doesn't do the trick.)

If I did smoke, though, I wonder if I would be attracted to American Spirit cigs.
After all, I care somewhat about what I put in my body (somewhat) and come to find out, American Spirit are the only cigarettes "made with 100% certified organic tobacco." Not only that, their tobacco fields, they claim, are "free of
prohibited chemicals for at least three years before the crop is planted."

Now, I don't know crap about farming or making cigarettes, but I would have to say, if I was going to take up smoking, and I cared about being healthy -- I mean, other than fucking up my lungs -- American Spirit would have to be the butt for me.

100% certified organic.
Now that's the healthy choice.