Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rush Job

I am not one of those men who find it hard to apologize. Far from it. I am big enough to say, "I'm Sorry," and, as I screw up frequently enough, plenty familiar saying it.

When my children do something that demands an apology, I make sure they say it clearly, calmly, and sincerely. Else why bother, right?

So it can't have been easy for RNC Chairman Michael Steele to say "sorry" to Rush Limbaugh. All the more so because Steele had virtually nothing to apologize for. During an interview on CNN, Steele referred to Limbaugh as an "entertainer," and said the show could be "ugly" and "incendiary."

Ever listen to Limbaugh?
Just what part of "ugly" or "incendiary" is untrue?

Yet Michael Steele fell over himself afterwards, joining other snivelling, suck-weenie supplicants saying "Sorry," at the altar of Rush.
What a bizarre spectacle.

It's demeaning.
And, if you're a Democrat, delightful.