Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OMG: My Kids Watched Obama!

This evening, our family watched Barack Obama's speech to the nation's students. We watched it online, in the evening, well after it had been delivered live.

You can't be too careful.

How do I know that the President might not slip in some subliminal sleight of hand and my kids end up walking in their sleep, hands outstretched, intoning, "Ob-a-ma, Ob-a-ma," like something out of "Dawn of the Living Dead?"

It could happen.

Clearly that's what worried some parents in Texas and elsewhere, where kids were kept at home so as to not to fall prey to the whole "Invasion of the Barack Body Snatchers" thing.

While viewing the speech, my four-year-old daughter did nod off, but she was headed that way as we prepared to watch, so I don't think any POTUS code caused her to fall asleep, the better and more quickly to dream of devoting herself to the Supreme Leader. Her six-year-old sister stayed pretty much right with the speech throughout, though.

They know who the President is.
But they really like his daughters, Sasha and Malia.

Now it's an hour later, and it is quiet and normal here in the house.
No bad dreams or socialist propaganda-inspired nightmares.

And I wouldn't say Obama can depend on these two young citizens to buy into any cult of personality. Not with that speech. I mean, talking about personal responsibility, staying in school, doing your homework and following your dreams is all perfectly good.

But creating a cult of personality with my two voters-of-the-future?
Please. Not without some serious talk about toys, candy, and Disney.

I mean, otherwise it's all just so, well, educational.

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